We provide equal opportunity for all the team members


United Meteoric Group is committed to promoting a positive and productive work culture in our organization. Our dedication begins from the first day every single person step in our company; we provide 100% training by a personal trainer. United Meteoric Group provides full training for the selected candidate in three stages which:

Sales and Makerting

  • We train people in face to face communication with customers directly in road shows, events and Business to business
  • Product knowledge and customer service
  • Sales and company systems


  • Involved in training and developing new executives
  • Learn coordination of workshops and training
  • Learn leading sales team and managing expectation


  • Involve in management and operations of branch offices
  • Learn managing new campaign
  • Learn financial management
  • Involved in recruitment process
Every single person will go through this training module based on their learning ability. Promotion will be determined by the company according on performance based criteria.