We provide equal opportunity for all the team members


We work for several of client via face to face interaction which more known as Human Commercial. A face-to-face meeting with a prospective customer is an opportunity to provide a human touch to the sales and marketing message and what better way than a professional, fully-trained person to not only present a product or service but also answer any questions, close a sale and leave a lasting and favorable impression.

The Human Commercial ensures that individuals are engaged in two way conversations about their needs and requirements with the ability to make the choice that’s right for them. Our professional sales executives are able to answer questions right there and explain the features and benefits of what the customer is buying. People talking to people is what the world will always be about and our Human Commercial guarantees that in a world of electronic media and faceless one-way marketing people talking to people will remain the most effective way to market and sell products and services.
Upon identifying the targeted sectors, we can reach your customers directly through:
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
    Bring the product or service directly to businesses such as office building, Business centers, and government sectors with customized face-to-face marketing programs.
  • Event Marketing
    Reach out directly to your audience by presenting the product or service at road show, special events and other business events.
  • Residential Marketing
    Reach out the product or services direct to customers at their homes.
  • Mobile Truck Marketing
    Bring the services or product directly to general public in high hand crowed area. Using branding vehicle to mobile from place to place and building brand awareness.